Gower School Picture copyGower Elementary is located in Nashville, TN. Gower PTO was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Smith and Amy Frogge. The PTO is a non-profit group consisted of volunteers that work together to support Gower Elementary and its mission to help our children grow and succeed.

The Gower PTO is here to support Gower from a financial perspective and from a resource standpoint. Times have certainly changed since many Gower parents have attended Elementary school. Gower PTO is there to support our children in many ways. One of those ways is to assist our children during lunch time hours to help those young ones get acclimated to the lunch room routine. The days of having lunch aides have certainly become extinct. The Gower PTO is there to step in and fulfill that need. Lunchtime can be chaotic and the Gower PTO brings calm and security during a time of need.

Another way that Gower PTO supports our children is financially. From building a new playground and ongoing maintenance, to buying iPads, to purchasing school instruments, Gower PTO strives to close the financial gap and support our school. This allows our children at Gower to have a rich and rewarding experience.

Gower PTO works closely with not just the administration at Gower but the teachers we well. The motto it takes a village to raise a child is better said that it takes a village to grow a child. The PTO is here to assist in growing our children and supporting them along the way.

Without our volunteers, Gower PTO would not be successful. Each parent plays an important role in supporting Gower PTO’s mission. If you are interested in becoming involved and making a difference at Gower, please visit our Membership/Volunteer page for more information.

PTO Board

Jeremy Blount, President
Dave Rosenberg, Vice President
Kelli Blount, Treasurer
Stephanie Surratt, Recording Secretary
Jen Anderson, Communications Secretaries
Tim Lee, Business Partnerships Coordinator
Christi Proctor, Events Coordinator
Amy Elliott, Volunteer Coordinator

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